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Since 2006, HummerSport has published "local" soccer news and information in the United States. It started with the Potomac Soccer Wire Email newsletter to a few thousand coaches in the DC Metro region, and has grown ever since. Today - or one of our geo-focused sub-sites - reaches "soccer people" over 250,000 times a month.

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Media Consulting

Soccer leagues and clubs can be great at organizing players and getting the ball rolling. Yet often struggle with the most basic "public" communications functions such as keeping a home page full of fresh!

HummerSport is an expert in communication and in soccer... a perfect fit. Our staff members have played, coached, managed or written about the game at every level. Soccer is all we do, so put us to work for you!

Sampling of Services
Press Release Writing and Distribution
Social Network Campaign Management
Membership Communications
Media Relations
Event Marketing

Soccer-Focused Advertising

Leveraging our large, hyper-local, soccer-focused audience, HummerSport is a great partner if you need to advertise an event, camp, or soccer product! Check out full rate card and options on or call 703-433-1887.

Great Websites

Does your current website allow you to change the menu structure in minutes, drop in a new social networking widget, or re-size automatically for a mobile device without losing access to any content?

Ours do, and then some!

In fact, our website will do "whatever someone thinks of next" more easily than any other, thanks to our use of WordPress - the most popular website management platform in the world.

HummerSport websites are a service, not a sale. We charge a setup fee and then monthly hosting and support. You get the easiest to use, most flexible and "future proofed" website you've ever experienced.

And don't forget... we're soccer AND communications experts. It's all we do, and we constantly tweak our website features to help soccer organizations communicate better online!

Featured Clients on HummerSport:
Washington Spirit - NWSL
Harrisburg City Islanders - USL Pro
Virginian Elite Showcase - Tournament